An abstract 1vs1 strategy game inspired by chess, roshambo (AKA RockPaperScissors), traditional italian card games and the awesome videogame 'Pawnbarian'.

  • Move your pieces on the board playing chess cards from your hand.
  • Attack your opponent pieces using the rock-paper-scissors restrictions.
  • Remember which cards your opponent played, to foresee his strategy.

#EASY to learn, HARD to master.

You need to carefully plan your actions, counter your opponent moves and also have a bit of luck to prevail and win in a bloody SCAMORRA game!


Compete for free in the ranked Scamorra League in the official playground. You can play with players from everywhere and climb the Scamorra world leaderboard.

The official Scamorra ranked playground is in alpha testing now, you can play for free but the platform isn't finished yet and may still have some bugs. If you want to help you can just play and report to me if you have problems. I will try to fix everything up and i will appreciate your help.
There are also other places where you can play Scamorra if you prefer: on Tabletopia or on the Tabletop Simulator module on the Steam Workshop, that you can play for free, provided you have a copy of TTS.


You can read the manual from google drive, where you will always find the latest available revision. It's very clear and concise and it only takes 5 minutes to go through it and learn the rules.



A freely downloadable Print&Play version of the Scamorra portable set is also available for free.
It only takes 3 A4 sheets and a little glue to create the classical Scamorra set we always carry with us!

You can download the Print and play as a zipped set of pdf files, for you to print at your convenience, from google drive.
After you download your copy check out the manual section, before printing your manual, to see if there is a newer revision available.
There is also an extra set of 3d printable miniatures that you may download and print if you want to.
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La Scamorra is a game created by Ivan Preziosi and inspired from chess, rock-paper-scissors, italian card games and the awesome videogame Pawnbarian.

Since the first day i've been playing it as much as i could with all my friends and fellow designers. So the actual ruleset can be considered a bit like a 'choralis opus' for which i should thank so many people! Thank you!

If you want to get in touch with me you can write me at: info@scamorra.com

La Scamorra is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.